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      版权所有© 广州中虹建设工程有限公司 粤ICP备17067701号
      以质为根、与时俱进,开拓创新,树名牌意识、创精品工程 Quality as the root, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovative, tree brand
      awareness, creating quality projects
      以质量取市场,以诚信铸就品牌;真诚携手,共赢共荣 To check the quality of the market, in good faith to forge the brand of sincere
      cooperation, win-win and common prosperity;
      科学发展,综合利用资源,打造绿色竞争力,实现可持续发展。 Scientific development, comprehensive utilization of resources, to create green
      competitiveness and achieve sustainable development
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